Monday, June 29, 2009

Seeing Utah & Brief Thunderstorm Video set to music!

Today was about Utah as we cut a short day to stop short of the hottest weather in the country. I captured some great video today, and have even set one to music. The video set to music, the second below, is of a stretch just out of Cedar City where a mid-afternoon mountain thunderstorm closed in on us, but either mostly fizzled out or we outran all but the fringe. I could see the precipitation approaching and tried to time the video to match the length of a typical 3:30 minute song, but the thunderstorm only caught me toward the end of the video. Zelda Davis is in front of me in her white '74 1/2 MGB roadster and later reported she stayed clear of the rain just that little distance ahead!

The first video below is of a long descent on I-70 in eastern Utah and the splendorous scenery that opened up in front of us and then opened up more, then more, then even more. That's Steve Gardner in front of me in his '67 MGB GT. I have additional video from farther west on I-70 but may not get it uploaded tonight because it is longer and because of the time involved.

Here is a pitch for MG 2011 and for the Utah tourism bureau. MG 2010 is scheduled for a year from now about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario. MG 2011 is slated for Reno, NV. What ever you do in making plans for MG 2011, include I-70 in both Colorado and Utah in your travel plans. It is a “must do” experience!

We traveled only 337 miles today and stopped in Cedar City, Utah. It was in the low 90s when we arrived, but 30 miles down I-15 the temperature changes significantly and temps were around 106. Dan and Ann McClain, in the British Racing Green ’63 roadster with matching trailer, split from the group this morning, leaving an hour earlier to meet friends who live here in Cedar City. Their plan was to take a drive with those friends through Bryce Canyon. My plan for tomorrow is to meet the McClains at the south end of town for another early start down into the hot desert with the intent of clearing Las Vegas and then the California border before 10:30am. If that timing works out I hope to continue to home, arriving by mid-afternoon. All of that is dependent on how well both Sapphire and I survive the forecast 105+ degree temperatures from St George, to Las Vegas, to Barstow. Kristian completed that same path this morning and called to report that the heat was grueling all the way down into the San Bernadino valleyvalley. My contingency plan is to stop at Primm Valley at the border in mid-to late morning and then complete the trip early Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all the fun with us! I am passing this along to my dad, who is the MG owner in the family, but who is computer resistant. Maybe this will convince him that computers really DO serve a purpose other than games!