Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Three - Outset - Breckenridge Forecast Improves!

Woke up to what looks live good news! The Breckenridge forecast for Wednesday has improved! Keep your fingers crossed! The isolated thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday now uses the term "stray thunderstorm". Friday is improved from occasional to scattered thunderstorms, and Saturday, the day of the Car Show, is now forecast as MOSTLY SUNNY!

The weather forecast for today appears to include an unanticipated increase in temperature. We should clear Salina, Utah, and the turn onto I-70 early as it is only 22 miles up the road. Both Salina and Grand Juction are now forecast to be in the mid-90's today.

We made a couple of parking lot adjustments last night. Steve Gardner's #8 valve on his roller rockers had opened up to the point it was noisy. Quick adjustment, good to go. Jay and I were both experiencing low idle speed and made that quick adjustment.

Today we head for Grand Junction and hope to have ourselves positioned for the Gateway Tour from the west tomorrow morning starting in Fruita. We are excited about the possibility of engaging some of those inbound from other locations for this self-guided tour.

We have yet to hear from Kristian this morning but hope that means he is motoring Safety Fast our way from Mesquite. We have an 8:30 breakfast schedule, then gas, so will likely leave Beaver about 9:30.

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