Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Journey's Weather Outlook

Many of you who know me understand this, as I was an Air Force meteorologist for four years during the Viet Nam era. Here is the outlook for our journey from the LA basin to Breckenridge. These forecasts are courtesy of The Weather Channel at

Jean, Nevada, which is at the California-Nevada state line and where we stay the first night, Sunday, June 21.

Las Vegas, which we pass through mid-morning, Monday, June 22.

Beaver, UT, where we stay Monday night, June 22.

Salina, UT, an enroute point for Tuesday where we turn from I-15 onto I-70 and head East over the Wasatch Plateau and San Rafael Swell on the way to Grand Junction.

Grand Junction, Colorado, where we stay Tuesday night, June 23

And Breckenridge. The long range forecast for Breckenridge for Thursday through Saturday is literally a carbon copy of the forecast you see below for Wednesday. Lows around 40, highs around 63, and scattered thunderstorms with a precip probability of 40%. That means a 40% chance of measurable precipitation sometime during the day. If it said intermittent that would mean on and off during the day, so at this point we look good!

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