Friday, June 26, 2009

MGs of Abington Display, Tech Sessions, and Car Show Prep

Today started with a visit to event headquarters to place my entry in the photo contest, then on the car wash area. Currently hailing from Orange County California, I rarely find the need to wash Sapphire, my blue ‘69 MGB roadster. It should go without saying that I doubt I have ever washed it twice in three days, but the journey here, the driving tours, and the seasonal Colorado weather contributed to that need! I barely got done with the wash, detail spray, glass, and chrome wires and parked back in the covered garage before the light rain hit. I should have taken a photo of the wash and polish area but I was too busy with the work at hand.

I found fellow MG Experience members at the wash area, including DB Wood, Jeff Schlemmer, Rick Ingram, and Paul Mclaren, as well as Kristian from the So Cal MG Club. Paul, DB and I used DB’s digital fuel/air meter to fine tune our mixtures. I took careful notes to continue my tracking of the number of flats of adjustment I have made since leaving California. What comes up must come down, so as I descend toward home I will need to adjust the other way.

I had lunch with Kristian and past Southern Calif. MG Club president Jay Cohen. After lunch I headed to the historic MGs of Abington display in the event headquarters area, followed by the highly popular tech sessions. The indoor presentation lasted about 90 minutes and was very informative on common problems, dos and do-nots , and memorable DPO mistakes, (DPO = dumb previous owner). The rain stopped just as the indoor session ended, allowing John to set up his famous roll-through tech session. That is Robert Gloyd in the yellow Worker B shirt. What a treat just to stand there and listen and learn from actual hand-on service demonstrations! See for yourself in the short video below!

My day ended with a Southern Calif. MG Club pot luck dinner and birthday party for two of our members. Then I took in the later segment of the Country Boy Mine and Wine Tour.

Weather for Saturday looks good for the morning with a mostly sunny forecast, followed by a 40% chance of an afternoon thundershower. Everyone is hoping any showers will hold off until after the Concours and Car Show and the second John Twist rolling tech session. Then MG 2009 will finish with the awards banquet, and Sunday we will begin our journey home.

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