Thursday, July 2, 2009

Windshield Mount & Camera Setup

Okay, due to numerous requests via email and on MG Experience ( here is a photo of the windshield camera mount I use. I got the components from Mount Guys at Look under camera mounts. The angle of the image at the right perhaps hides that I added a second barrel clamp. So what you see is a suction cup with ball (as in ball and socket), a barrel with sockets on both ends, a short dumbbell with fixed balls on each end, another barrel with sockets on each end, and finally a camera tripod mount with fixed ball. I had to add the second barrel and dumbbell because the Mount Guys standard windshield suction cup tripod mount would not rotate to an acceptable angle given the rake angle of the MGB Windshield.

Here in the second photo you can see the second important element in the setup, a Canon A650IS digital camera. The IS (image stabilization) steadies the image. The A650IS has a 640 by 480 video mode and the videos look great even at full screen on a 21" wide screen monitor. The other important feature of the A650IS is the swing-out, 360^ rotating screen. With this feature the screen can be angled toward the driver's seat for easy aiming and viewing.
NOTE: Click on the photos for enlarged images.

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